Course List

Chemical and Biological Engineering
code Title level
010.140_2013S Engineering Mathematics 1 Undergraduate Chemical and Biological Engineering
400.307_2013S Introduction to Quantum Mechanics Undergraduate Chemical and Biological Engineering
458.312_2013S Polymer Chemistry Undergraduate Chemical and Biological Engineering
458.503_2013S Bioorganic Chemistry Graduate Chemical and Biological Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
code Title level
430.326_2013S Application of Quantum Mechanics Undergraduate Electrical and Computer Engineering
4541.839_2013S Electro-optics Graduate Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
code Title level
446.328_2013S System Analysis in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
446.674_2013S Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering 4(Topics in Reliability-Based Design) Graduate Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
code Title level
445.213A_2013S Physical Chemistry of Materials Undergraduate Materials Science and Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
code Title level
409.209A_2013S Introduction to Plasma Electrodynamics 1 Undergraduate Nuclear Engineering
459.666A_2013S Topics in Fusion and Plasma Studies(Plasma Simulations) Graduate Nuclear Engineering
Architecture and Architectural Engineering
code Title level
401.649_2013S Cost Planning of Building Design and Construction Graduate Architecture and Architectural Engineering
4013.315_2013S Design Process Building Systems Undergraduate Architecture and Architectural Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
code Title level
457.619_2013S Environmental Biotechnology and Lab. Graduate Civil and Environmental Engineering
457.634_2013S Constaminant Transport Analysis Graduate Civil and Environmental Engineering