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Civil and Environmental Engineering
The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) at Seoul National University has experienced unprecedented growth and success in teaching, research, and service to the society. The department strives to educate students through innovative undergraduate and graduate programs to mentor international experts and leaders for the sustainable future worldtending toward globalization and fusion of scientific disciplines. Our comprehensive educational programs are designed to offer continuing process to respond to the tremendous transitions faced in the practice of CEE throughout the endlessly evolving societal needs and environmental conditions.  

Since the dawn of its history, mankind not only struggled for its own survival and protection, but also adapted and developed intensively the environment and natural resources to improve the quality of life, which remains the main concern and duty of the profession of CEE.

The practice of CEE was and remains unique in that it encompasses cross- and multi-disciplinary fields of engineering such as planning, design, construction and management of all social infrastructures to provide safer and sustainable living conditions for the mankind.

CEE engineers must be prepared to deal with an array of issues brought by recent harsher natural disasters, highly advanced industrial requirements, and the information-oriented society featuring the 21st century. To address such issues, the CEE department in cooperation with other engineering fields undertook the development of innovative and emerging technologies to provide solutions and alternatives contributing to the renewal and future of the profession.

The department is also promoting actively collaborative projects and intensive cooperation with famous universities pertaining to the international leading group.

Recent and dramatic disasters opened the eye of the public to the role of CEE on our society as never than before. Aware of such recognition, the next generation of civil and environmental engineers to graduate from Seoul National University and entering into the CEE profession will make the difference in the daily lives of peoplein technological as well as human aspects.
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Undergraduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
457.308 건설시공학, Fall 2015
457.212_2015_2 건설환경통계학, Fall 2015
457.204_2015_2 기초유체역학 및 실험, Fall 2015
457.312_2013_2 지하수 및 토양오염, Fall 2013
457.312_2014_1 지하수 및 토양오염, Spring 2014
457.210A 환경공학, Fall 2015
457.409 Coastal and Harbor Engineering, Spring 2008
457.409_2013_2 Coastal and Harbor Engineering, Fall 2013
457.409_2014_1 Coastal and Harbor Engineering, Spring 2014
457.401 Community Planning, Spring 2008
457.204_2013_2 Elementary Fluid Dynamics and Lab, Fall 2013
457.204_2013_1 Elementary Fluid Mechanics & Lab, Spring 2013
457.204_2014_1 Elementary Fluid Mechanics and Lab, Spring 2014
457.204_2012_2 Elementary Fluid Mechanics and Lab., Fall 2012
447.321.001 Environmental Engineering, Fall 2007
457.210_2010 Environmental Engineering, Fall 2010
457.210A..002_2014_2 Environmental Engineering, Fall 2014
457.210A.001_2014_2 Environmental Engineering, Fall 2014
457.201_2012 Mechanics of Materials, Spring 2012
457.317_2012 Solid Waste Engineering, Spring 2012
447.328 Theory of Reinforced Concrete and Lab. 2, Fall 2007
457.305 Theory of Reinforced Concrete and Lab. I, Spring 2008
457.305_2012 Theory of Reinforced Concrete and Lab. I, Spring 2012
447.312 Urban Design, Fall 2007
Graduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
457.657_2014_1 건설환경 프로젝트 관리 Best Award
457.657 001_2015_1 건설환경 프로젝트 관리
477.555 도시설계특론(도시재생)
457.621 생물학적처리공정
457.634_2013_2 오염물질이동해석
447.538A_2015_2 위치기반정보시스템
457.629A_2013_2 폐기물 공학 특강
457.619_2013_1 환경생명공학 및 실험
457.619_2013_2 환경생명공학 및 실험
457.619_2014_1 환경생명공학 및 실험
457.760 환경수리학특론
457.560_2012_1 Advanced Environmental Hydraulics I
457.560_2014_1-1 Advanced Environmental Hydraulics I
457.560_2012_2 Advanced Environmental Hydraulics II
457.560_2014_1-2 Advanced Environmental Hydraulics II
457.560_2013_2 Advanced Environmental Hydraulics ||
457.603 Advanced Foundation Engineering I
457.607_09 Advanced Geoencironmental Engineering 1
457.609 Advanced Geoenvironmental Engineering I
457.541 Advanced GIS (Sub Title : Spatial Database)
457.621_2014_2 Biological Treatment Processes
457.627A_2014_2 Case Study Analyses of Waste-to-Energy Projects
457.565 Coalstal Structure
457.565_2013_2 Coastal Structures
457.565_2014_1 Coastal Structures
457.634_2013SP Constaminant Transport Analysis
457.658_2014_2 Construction IT and Automation
457.634_09 Contaminant Transport Analysis
447.516 Dynamics of Structures
457.641 Engineering Properties of Soils and Their Measurement
457.561 Fluid Dynamics
457.561_2012_1 Fluid Dynamics
457.561_2012_2 Fluid Dynamics
457.561_2013_2 Fluid Dynamics
457.561_2014_1 Fluid Dynamics
457.551 Formation of Urban Structure
447.538A Location-Based Information Systems
457.602 Soil Dynamics
457.566 Water Wave Mechanics
457.566_2013_2 Water Wave Mechanics
457.566_2014_1 Water Wave Mechanics
Undergraduate/Graduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
No course to display.
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