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Undergraduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
010.140.012_FALL 공학수학, Fall 2013
010.140.012_SPRING 공학수학, Spring 2014
465.319_SPRING 신재생에너지, Spring 2014
465.331_SPRING 에너지원격탐사, Spring 2014
465.215_SPRING 지반정보시스템, Spring 2014
465.320_SPRING 지질공학, Spring 2014
465.306 Applied Geochemistry, Fall 2009
465.213 Applied Resources Geology, Spring 2009
465.424 Design of Tunnel and Underground Space, Fall 2009
465.102 Energy Resources and Future, Fall 2008
465.320 Engineering Geology, Fall 2009
465.320_2013_2 Engineering Geology, Fall 2013
010.140.012 Engineering Mathmatics, Spring 2011
465.335 Field Excursions in Resources Engineering, Spring 2010
010.142.008 Fundamentals of Computer System, Spring 2008
010.142_09 Fundamentals of Computer System, Spring 2009
010.142_SPRING Fundamentals of Computer Systems, Spring 2014
465.215 Geoinformation Systems, Spring 2009
465.215_2013_2 Geoinformation Systems, Fall 2013
465.417 Geophysical Data Analysis, Spring 2008
465.204 Geophysical Engineering, Fall 2009
465.420 Geothermal Energy, Fall 2009
465.420_2012 Geothermal Energy, Fall 2012
465.420_FALL Geothermal Energy, Fall 2013
465.420_SPRING Geothermal Energy, Spring 2014
465.409 Leaderships on Energy and Resources Industry, Spring 2009
465.211_SPRING Mechanics in Energy Resources Engineer, Spring 2014
465.211 Mechanics in Energy Resources Engineering, Spring 2009
465.211_2010 Mechanics in Energy Resources Engineering, Spring 2010
465.326 Practices in Rock Engineering, Fall 2008
465.326_2010 Practices in Rock Engineering, Fall 2010
465.331 Remote Sensing for Energy Resources, Spring 2009
465.331_2013_2 Remote Sensing for Energy Resources, Fall 2013
465.319 Renewable Energy, Spring 2009
465.319_2013_2 Renewable Energy, Fall 2013
465.311 Rock Mechanics and Laboratory, Spring 2009
465.308 Subsurface Image Processing, Fall 2008
Graduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
459.523 Advanced Rock Mechanics
459.523_SPRING Advanced Rock Mechanics
459.729 Analysis of Rock Mass Discontinuities
459.732_2014_2 Numerical Methods in Rock Engineering
459.730 Physicochemical Anaylsis of Earth Materials
409.407B Reactor Numerical Analysis and Design
459.626 Rock Block Behavior Analysis
459.727 Theory of Geotechnical Information Systems
459.731 Theory of Poroelasticity
459.731_FALL Theory of Poroelasticity
459.731_SPRING Theory of Poroelasticity
459.621 Topics in Applied Geochemistry
459.632_2013_2 Topics in Energy and Environmental Geomechanics - Enhanced Geothermal Systems
459.570A Topics in Energy Systems Engineering : Computational Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics
459.629 Topics in Environmental Geochemistry
459.503 Topics in Seismic Prospecting
Undergraduate/Graduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
No course to display.
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