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Civil, Urban and Geosystem Engineering
Human beings have not only been accommodating to given environment to protect themselves from threats of the nature since the beginning of history but also have been trying to live better life by aggressively using and developing the nature. Civil, urban and geosystem engineering is the oldest engineering field that have been completed by these efforts of human beings and includes very broad and integrated engineering field for planning, design, construction and maintenance/management of social and industrial base facilities to lead pleasant and safe life on the Earth and also for development and utilization of natural resources that are deposited in the Earth.

Department of civil, urban and geosystem engineering has been founded for the purpose of training high quality manpower who will lead Korean industry in the 21st Century by "supply of abundant raw materials mining resources and energy resources", "expansion of necessary social foundation" in order to be prepared for reorganization of industries that are progressing rapidly due to revolution of technology and to secure competitiveness of national industries pursuing globalization as well as by developing technology that improves and protects the Earth environment creatively in order to use the Earth environment harmoniously and to promote welfare of human life and also by establishing efficient and systematic education course regarding "technology of utilizing natural resources" and "technology of preventing natural disasters" that can prevent "destruction of global environment."

Since this Department integrates all related field such as field of urban transportation, field of construction of SOC (social overhead capital), field of underground resources and water resources, and field of sanitation and environment in the existing urban engineering department, natural resources engineering department, and civil engineering department within College of Engineering, its field is very broad and diverse and therefore, it has advantage for each student to choose his/her Major in field that fits to their aptitudes. In particular, it is very appropriate field for students who have interest in the field of engineering and technology in which they improve and protect the global environment creatively to use global environment harmoniously and to promote welfare of human beings.

Education of department of civil, urban and geosystem engineering is focused on basic science of engineering such as mathematics, chemistry, global science, and dynamics in addition to learning information related to the Major and related advanced technology.
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Undergraduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
447.218 An Introduction to Spatial Information Engineering, Spring 2007 Best Award
400.409 Energy Engineering, Fall 2006
447.419 Geotechnical Engineering, Fall 2006
447.419_ Geotechnical Engineering, Fall 2011
457.315_2012 Site Investigation and Soil Testing, Spring 2012
447.357 Soil and Groundwater Pollution, Fall 2006
447.222 Soil Mechanics, Fall 2006 Best Award
447.326A Structural Analysis 2, Fall 2006
457.306_ Theory of Reinforced Concrete and Lab 2, Fall 2011
Graduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
457.604 Advanced Geotechnical Engineering 2
457.607_2012 Advanced Soil Mechanics 1
Undergraduate/Graduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
No course to display.
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