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Department of electrical engineering is contributing to the improvement of Korean science technology by producing high quality manpower required for industrial demand in the advanced field of electrical engineering. In the past, each electricity, electronics, and instrumentation control department was separated independently. However, from 1992, all these were integrated into one name of electrical engineering to increase the efficiency. The Department educates and studies related sciences in the field of electrical and electronics instrumentation control, which will play a key role in realization of high welfare society

Research fields of this science are broadly connected each other. The fields of electronics element and integrated circuit (IC), electrical energy system, electronics physics and laser, radio wave and information communication, instrumentation control and automation, and computer and Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) system are being educated and researched. Basic courses of these academic fields are provided in variety during the first, second, and third year of undergraduate course and during the fourth year, students can select basic Major needed in each field and in real world industries as their graduate course.

As related research facilities, there are inter-university semiconductor research center, automation and systems research institute, basic electrical engineering research center, and institute of new media and communication. And environment for devoting for scientific research is well prepared as research rooms, experiment rooms, and instruction classes are systematically arranged at the new engineering building, which is an advanced intelligent building. These education, practical exercise, and research lead to the development and application of the most advanced technology and provide help for the development of science and technology of industries, and it? educational purpose is ultimately to make contributions to realization of high welfare society of the future.
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Undergraduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
430.213A_2015_1 기초회로이론 및 실험, Spring 2015
430.213A 기초회로이론및실험, Spring 2014
430.326.002 양자역학의 응용, Spring 2012
430.326_2013_1 양자역학의 응용, Spring 2013
420.301 전자회로 2, Spring 2014
430.456_2013_1 최신제어기법, Spring 2013
430.405_2014_2 Analog Electronic Circuits, Fall 2014
420.213 Circuit Theory 1, Spring 2007 Best Award
420.213 / 002 Circuit Theory I, Spring 2008
420.213_09 Circuit Theory I, Spring 2009
420.214 Circuit Theory II, Fall 2007
420.466 Communication Systems, Spring 2008
420.322_2012_2 Computer Organization, Fall 2012
4541.525A Data Network, Spring 2008
420.201A 003 Digital Logic Design and Lab, Fall 2007
420.201A 004 Digital Logic Design and Lab, Fall 2007
420.201A 003_2013_2 Digital Logic Design and Lab, Fall 2013
420.201A 004_2013_2 Digital Logic Design and Lab, Fall 2013
420.201A_2014_1 Digital Logic Design and Lab, Spring 2014
420.461 Digital Signal Processing, Spring 2008
420.315A Digital Systems Design and Experiments, Spring 2008
420.315A 001_10_S Digital Systems Design and Experiments, Spring 2010
430.315A_2012 Digital Systems Design and Experiments, Spring 2012
420.315A 001_2013_2 Digital Systems Design and Experiments, Fall 2013
4541.883 Display engineering 1, Spring 2008
420.202A.001 electromagnetic field 1, Spring 2008
420.203 Electromagnetic Theory II, Fall 2008
420.203.001_2012 Electromagnetic Theory II, Spring 2012
420.202A / 002 Electromagnetics 1, Spring 2008
420.203/002 Electromagnetics 2, Fall 2007
420.309A Electromechanical Energy Conversion, Fall 2007
420.301A.003 Electronic Circuits 2, Fall 2007
420.301A/001 Electronic Circuits 2, Fall 2008
420.301A 003 Electronic Circuits 2, Fall 2009
420.301A.003_2013_2 Electronic Circuits 2, Fall 2013
420.301A_2014_1 Electronic Circuits 2, Spring 2014
420.417.001 Embedded System Design, Spring 2008
420.417_10_S Embedded System Design, Spring 2010
420.417_2013_2 Embedded System Design, Fall 2013
400.003 Engineering Math 3 (Linear Algebra), Spring 2007 Best Award
010.140 002 Engineering Mathematics 1, Fall 2007
010.140/003 Engineering Mathematics1, Fall 2007
010.141 004 Engineering Mathmatics 2, Spring 2008
010.142.004 Fundamentals of computer system, Spring 2008
403.207B Fundamentals of Microelectronics, Spring 2015
420.467A_09 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering, Spring 2009
420.467A_10_S Introduction to Biomedical Engineering, Spring 2010
420.414 Introduction to Compilers, Fall 2010
420.463 Introduction to Data Communication Network, Spring 2008
420.210A Introduction to Data Structures, Spring 2009
400.019 Introduction to Electrical Engineering, Spring 2008
420.446A Introduction to Microsystem Technology, Spring 2009
420.318 Introduction to Operation System, Spring 2008
400.307 001 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Spring 2007
400.307.001 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Spring 2008
400.307_09 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Spring 2009
420.314 Introduction to Random Variables and Random Processes, Fall 2007
420.314 002 Introduction to Random Variables Processes, Spring 2008
4541.844 Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems Design & Fabrication, Spring 2008
420.301A Microelectronic Circuit 2, Fall 2007
430.830_2015_1 Optical Information Processing, Spring 2015
4541,617A_2013_2 Organic Semiconductor, Fall 2013
420.423 Photo electronic engineering, Spring 2008
420.447 Power market theory, Spring 2008
420.314 / 001 Probability, Random Variables, and Random Processes, Spring 2008
420.211 Programming Methodology, Fall 2007
420.211.001 Programming Methodology, Spring 2008
420.211-002 Programming Methodology, Fall 2008
420.312 Semiconductor Device, Fall 2008
420.312 001 Semiconductor Device, Fall 2009
420.312.001 Semiconductor Devices, Fall 2010
4541.803 Semiconductor Process and Experiments, Spring 2008
420.306.001 Signal & System, Spring 2008
420.306_09 Signals and Systems, Spring 2009
420.306.003_2012 Signals and Systems, Spring 2012
430.306.003 Signals and Systems(신호 및 시스템)2015 1학기, Spring 2015
4541.859_2013_2 Special Topics of Electrophysics: OLED Device Physics, Fall 2013
420.44 Topics in Power Electronics, Fall 2007
Graduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
430.839 전자광학
430.859_2014_1 전자물리특강
4541.535A Advanced Analog Integrated Circuit
4541.630 Advanced Compilers
430.751A_2014_2 Advanced Mobile Communications
4541.743 Applied acoustics
4541.829 Basic and applied medicine for enginnering research
4541.659.003 Computer and VLSI
4541.659_2012 Computer and VLSI
4541.659.003_2013_2 Computer and VLSI
4541.631A Digital Signal Processing System Design
430.839_2013_1 Electro-Optics
4541.836_FALL Engineering non-linear optics
4541.836.2010 Engineering Nonlinear Optics
4541.714 Estimation Theory
4541.828_2012 Fundamentals and Applications of Micro/Nano-Electrokinetics
4541.628 Information and Schedule
4541.554 Introduction to Computer-Aided Design
4541.554_2013_2 Introduction to Computer-Aided Design
4541.554_2014_1 Introduction to Computer-Aided Design
4541.512 Linear System Theory
4541.512_FALL Linear System Theory
4541.512_2014_1 Linear System Theory
4541.844_09 Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems Design & Fabrication
4541.812 Microwave Devices
4541.729 001 Multi-agent Coordination, Control and Application
4541.960 Neural Prosthesis
4541.809 Neural Prosthesis
4541.836 Nonlinear Optical Engineering
4541.704 Nonlinear System Theory
4541.830 Optical Information Processing
4541.830.2011 Optical Information Processing
4541,617A Organic Semiconductor
4541.617A_2014_1 Organic Semiconductor
430.829 Principles of Medical Imaging
4541.806A Semiconductor Device Engineering
4541.633A SoC Design Automation
4541.633A_2013_2 SoC Design Automation
4541.633A_2014_1 SOC Design Automation
4541.859 Special Topics of Electrophysics: OLED Device Physics
4541.759 003 Special topics on communication(FPGA based comm. system design)
4541.658 System Software(XML)
4541.616 Theory of Electromechanical Energy Conversion
4541.759 Topics in communications
4541.729 002 Topics in Control and Automation: Multiple View Geometry
4541.627 Topics in Electrical Machines
4541.831 Topics in Integrated Circuit Design
4541.827 Topics in Solid State Electronics Engineering
4541.658.001 Topics in System Software (Datamining)
4541.658/002 Topics in system Software (Virtual Mechanics)
4541.759/001 Wireless Channel Modeling
4541.752B Wireless Networking
Undergraduate/Graduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
420.467A Introduction to Biomedical engineering
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