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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is an essential academic field of the future technology for automobiles that are indispensable in our daily life, super speed train that makes the whole country as one day area of life. Moreover, it forms a basis for modern aviation technology and its diverse applications that make the whole world a global village and also for the aerospace technology that explores the outer space for our future. It also includes energy technology that makes our life comfortable as well as numerous automated modern factories with advanced robot production system.

Recently, newly emerging interdisciplinary fields such as the nano technology, bio-medical engineering including artificial organs for curing human diseases, and sports engineering attempting interpretation of sports equipment in engineering term are also actively studied. SNU? Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has a goal to educate creative research engineers required in essential industries and research institutions as well as to train students to work in the related fields for academia.

Faculties and graduate students of this Department are actively carrying out cooperative research between industry and academia as well as international exchanges through the Department? closely related organizations such as the Institute of Advanced Machinery & Design, Institute of Advanced Aerospace technology, Next Generation Automobiles New Technology Research Center, Micro Thermal System Research Center, Flight Vehicle Research Center, and Turbo Power Machinery Research Center. Also the Department is carrying out world-class researches and education for graduate students through numerous creative research tasks and projects designated by the National Research Laboratory (NRL) program.

The Department was designated by the Ministry of Education for the BK21 Project Center for Training Research Manpower in Mechanical Engineering and is actively participating in various programs with the Department of Machinery Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Industry Engineering of Hanyang University. BK21 Project Center of Training Research Manpower of Mechanical Engineering is implementing reinforcement of graduate education and research activities with the goal of becoming one of the best research-centered university of the world, improving academic system, building support structure to industrialize the outcomes of research, and carrying out active international cooperation including exchange of graduate students with renowned universities.
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Undergraduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
M2794.012000_2015_1 고체강도거동학, Spring 2015
446.322A_FALL 구조역학, Fall 2013
446.322__SPRING 구조역학, Spring 2014
M2794.002500 기계시스템해석, Spring 2014
446.204A_FALL 동역학, Fall 2013
446.322_SPRING 동역학, Spring 2014
445.312_2014_2 재료의 전자기적 성질, Fall 2015
446.427_SPRING 최적설계, Spring 2014
446.414A 최적에너시시스템설계, Spring 2014
M2795.002400_2014_2 항공기구조역학, Fall 2014
446.324_2014_1 항공기진동론, Spring 2014
446.212_FALL 항공우주공학개론, Fall 2013
446.212_SPRING 항공우주공학개론, Spring 2014
446.455_FALL 헬리콥터공학, Fall 2013
446.455_SPRING 헬리콥터공학, Spring 2014
446.547 Advanced Fluid Mechanics, Spring 2010
446.547_2013_2 Advanced fluid mechanics, Fall 2013
446.323A Aerodynamics, Spring 2008
M2795.002900 Aircraft and Spacecraft Vibration, Spring 2015
446.432 Aircraft Conceptual Design, Spring 2008
446.322 Aircraft Structural Mechanics, Fall 2007
446.322_2010 Aircraft Structures, Fall 2010
446.322_2012_2' Aircraft Structures, Fall 2012
446.322_2013_2 Aircraft Structures, Fall 2013
446.322_SPRING1 Aircraft Structures, Spring 2014
446.322_SPRING111 Aircraft Structures, Spring 2014
4461.514 Analysis of Turbulent Flow, Spring 2010
4461.514_2013_2 Analysis of turbulent flow, Fall 2013
446.308A_2012 Applied Fluid Mechanics, Spring 2012
446.308A_2013_2 Applied fluid mechanics, Fall 2013
446.464 Bio Fluid Mechanics, Fall 2009
446.464_2013_2 Bio Fluid Mechanics, Fall 2013
446.326A CAD/CAM, Fall 2006 Best Award
446.326A_2007 CAD/CAM, Fall 2007
446.326A_2008 CAD/CAM, Fall 2008
446.326A_2009 CAD/CAM, Fall 2009
446.326A___ CAD/CAM, Fall 2011
446.326A_2013_2 CAD/CAM, Fall 2013
446.633_2012 Computer-Aided Design, Spring 2012
446.633_2013_2 Computer-aided design, Fall 2013
400.018 Creative Engineering Design, Spring 2009
400.018_2013_2 Creative Engineering Design, Fall 2013
400.018_2014_1 Creative Engineering Design, Spring 2014
446.540 Cryogenic engineering, Fall 2012
446.204A 002 Dynamics, Fall 2008
446.204A.003 Dynamics, Fall 2008
446.204A_.001 Dynamics, Fall 2011
446.204A_2012_2 Dynamics, Fall 2012
446.204A_2013_2 Dynamics, Fall 2013
446.204A .003_ Dynamics 003, Fall 2011
446.204A.003_2013_2 Dynamics 003, Fall 2013
446.681_FALL Elasticity, Fall 2013
010.140_09 Engineering Mathematics 1, Spring 2009
010.140_09_2013_2 Engineering Mathematics 1, Fall 2013
010. 141 Engineering Mathematics 2, Fall 2008
010.141.2010 Engineering Mathematics 2, Fall 2010
400.002 Engineering Mathematics II, Fall 2006 Best Award
010. 141_2013_2 Engineering Mathmatics 2, Fall 2013
446.405A Environmental Thermal Engineering, Spring 2012
446.405A_2013_1 Environmental Thermal Engineering, Spring 2013
446.405A_2013_2 Environmental Thermal Engineering, Fall 2013
446.205A.002_ FLUID MECHANICS, Fall 2011
446.205A.002_2013_2 Fluid Mechanics, Fall 2013
446.343.002 Heat Transfer, Spring 2008
446.343.002_2012 Heat Transfer, Spring 2012
446.455_ Helicopter Engineering, Fall 2011
446.212 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering, Spring 2009
446.358 Introduction to Engineering Probability, Spring 2008
446.424B Introduction to Manufacturing Systems, Fall 2008
446.305A_2013_2 Manufacturing Process, Fall 2013
446.305A Manufacturing processes, Fall 2007
M2794.001800_2014_2 Material and Manufacturing Processes, Fall 2014
446.328 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering System Analysis, Spring 2008
446.328.2011 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering System Analysis, Spring 2011
446.328_2013SP Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering System Analysis, Spring 2013
M2794.002500_2015_1 Mechanical System Analysis, Spring 2015
446.203A_2012_2 Mechanics and Design, Fall 2012
446.203A_2013_2 Mechanics and Design, Fall 2013
446.203A_2014_2 Mechanics and Design, Fall 2015
446.203A_2015_2 Mechanics and Design, Fall 2015
446.355_2012 MEMS applications for Mech. Eng., Fall 2012
446.355 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems for mechanical engineering applications, Fall 2006 Best Award
446.355_2009 Microelectromechanical Systems for Mechanical Engineering Applications, Fall 2009
446.355_ Microelectromechanical systems for mechanical engineering applications, Fall 2011
446.427A Optimal Design, Spring 2008
446.343 Radiation heat transfer, Spring 2007
446.201A Solid Mechanics, Spring 2014
446.328_09 System Analysis in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Spring 2009
446.328_FALLL System Analysis in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Fall 2013
M2794.002 System Control, Fall 2014
446.310 Theories of Control System, Fall 2010
446.202A Thermodynamics, Spring 2007
026.023 Understanding Nanotechnology, Fall 2006
027.012_2012 Understanding Nanotechnology, Spring 2012
Graduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
446.761 고급해석동역학
446.763A_FALL 고급헬리콥터공역학
M2795.005900_2014_2 공력탄성학
446.685_2014_1 지능재료 및 설계
446.681_SPRING 탄성학
446.763A_2014_1 헬리콥터고급이론
446.728 Advance Flight Dynamics and Control: Multivariable Control Systems
446.763A Advanced Theory of Helicopter
446.763A_09 Advanced Theory of Helicopter
M2795.006200_2015_1 Advanced Theory of Helicopter
446.674_2013_1 Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering
446.674_2013_2 Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering
446.704 Aeroelasticity
446.633 Computer Aided Design
M2794.008500 Cryogenic Engineering
446.686A_2013_2 Design for Manfacturing
446.686A Design for Manufacturing
446.681 Elasticity
4461.527 Elasticity
446.671 Fuel Cell Science and Technology Best Award
446.671_09 Fuel Cell Science and Technology
446.671_09_2013_2 Fuel cell science and technology
446.671_2014_1 Fuel Cell Science and Technology
4461.540 Fundamentals of Multiscale Fabrication
4461.540_ Fundamentals of multiscale fabrication
446.672 Global product development
446.672_2013_2 Global product development
446.672_2014_1 Global Product Development
446.504B Micro Fluid Mechanics
446.504B_2013_2 Micro Fluid Mechanics
4461.515_2013_2 Multiscale computational fluid dynamics
4461.515_2014_1 Multiscale Computational Fluid Mechanics
4461.530 Numerical Analysis for Engineering Applications
4461.530_2013_2 Numerical Analysis for Engineering Applications
M2795.005800_2014_2 Plate and Shell Theory
446.779 Probabilistic Engineering Analysis and Design
446.685 Smart Materials and Design
446.544 statistical thermodynamics
M2795.006000_2015_1 Structural Stability
446.623A Vehicle Dynamics and Control
Undergraduate/Graduate Courses
SNU Course # Course Title
No course to display.
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