Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is contributing to the improvement of Korean science technology by producing high quality manpower required for industrial demand in the advanced field of electrical engineering. In the past, each electricity, electronics, and instrumentation control department was separated independently. However, from 1992, all these were integrated into one name of electrical engineering to increase the efficiency. The Department educates and studies related sciences in the field of electrical and electronics instrumentation control, which will play a key role in realization of high welfare society
Research fields of this science are broadly connected each other. The fields of electronics element and integrated circuit (IC), electrical energy system, electronics physics and laser, radio wave and information communication, instrumentation control and automation, and computer and Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) system are being educated and researched. Basic courses of these academic fields are provided in variety during the first, second, and third years of undergraduate course and during the fourth year, students can select basic Major needed in each field and in real world industries as their graduate course.
As related research facilities, there are inter-university semiconductor research center, automation and systems research institute, basic electrical engineering research center, and institute of new media and communication. And environment for devoting for scientific research is well prepared as research rooms, experiment rooms, and instruction classes are systematically arranged at the new engineering building, which is an advanced intelligent building. These education, practical exercise, and research lead to the development and application of the most advanced technology and provide help for the development of science and technology of industries, and its educational purpose is ultimately to make contributions to realization of high welfare society of the future.