Soil Mechanics


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01 Course Overview Preliminaries for Soil Mechanics
02 Basic Characteristics of Soils(1) Natural Properties of soils, Particle Size and Distribution
03 Basic Characteristics of Soils(2) Simple Soil Tests(Particle Size Analysis, Atterberg limit tests), Soil Classification
04 Basic Characteristics of Soils(3) Phase Relationships, Soil Compaction
05 Stresses, Strains & Effective Stresses(1) Stresses, Infinitesimal Strains
06 Stresses, Strains & Effective Stresses(2) Stress-Strain Relationship, Stress Distribution, Elastic Settlements
07 Stresses, Strains & Effective Stresses(3) Effective Stress
08 Seepage(1) Seepage in Soils, Darcy\'s Law, Permeability
09 Seepage(2) Seepage Equation, Flow Nets, Seepage thru Earth dams, Filter
10 Seepage(3) Anisotropic Soil Conditions. Non-homogeneous Soil Conditions
11 Seepage(4) Seepage Force, Quick Condtion, Frost Heave
12 Shear Strength of Soils(1) Shear Strength Theory, Strength Tests
13 Shear Strength of Soils(2) Shear Strength of Sands, Shear Strength of Clays
14 Consolidation(1) Outlines, Theory of Consolidation (Terzaghi\'s 1-D Consolidation Equation)
15 Consolidation(2) Solution of Consolidation Equation
16 Consolidation(3) Oedometer Test
17 Consolidation(4) Calculation of Consolidation Settlement
18 Lateral Earth Pressure & Earth Retaining Structures(1) Preliminaries, Rankine\'s Earth Pressure Theory, Lateral Earth Pressures on Simple Retaining Walls
19 Lateral Earth Pressure & Earth Retaining Structures(2) Lateral Earth Pressures on Frictional Walls, Coulomb\'s Earth Pressure Theory, Effect of Ground Water in the Backfill, Comparison of Draining Methods, Lateral Earth Pressures of Cohesive Soils
20 Lateral Earth Pressure & Earth Retaining Structures(3) Design Principles of Retaining Walls, Braced Excavation, Design of Sheet pile walls, Pressure Distributions, Slurry Walls, Reinforced Earth
21 Foundations(1) Requirements of Satisfactory Foundations, Shallow Foundations, Factor of Safety, Ultimate and Allowable Bearing Capacity
22 Foundations(2) Pile Foundation, Ultimate Load, Settlement Analysis, Behavior of Pile Groups, Pile Driving
23 Stability of Earth Slopes(1) Infinite Slopes
24 Stability of Earth Slopes(2) Slopes of Limited Height