Water Quality and Water Pollution Control


c_lecno Title files
00 Syllabus L00_Syllabus.pdf
01 Introduction L01_Introduction.pdf
02 Basics of water quality L02_Basics of water quality.pdf
03 Physical characteristics of water L03_Physical characteristics of water.pdf
04-05 Chemical characteristics of water L04-05_Chemical characteristics of water.pdf
06 Acid-base system I L06_Acid-base system I.pdf
07 Acid-base system II L07_Acid-base system II.pdf
08 Biological characteristics of water I L08_Biological characteristics of water I.pdf
09 Biological characteristics of water II L09_Biological characteristics of water II.pdf
10-11 Reactor analysis L10-11_Reactor analysis.pdf
12 Flowrate & loading L12_Flowrate & loading.pdf
13 Physical unit processes I L13_Physical unit processes I.pdf
14 Physical unit processes II L14_Physical unit processes II.pdf
15 Physical unit processes III+Chemical unit processes I L15_Physical unit processes III+Chemical unit processes I.pdf
16 Chemical unit processes II L16_Chemical unit processes II.pdf
17 Fundamentals of biological treatment I L17_Fundamentals of biological treatment I.pdf
18 Fundamentals of biological treatment II L18_Fundamentals of biological treatment II.pdf
19 Fundamentals of biological treatment III L19_Fundamentals of biological treatment III.pdf
20 Biological nutrient removal L20_Biological nutrient removal.pdf
21 Anaerobic oxidation + Recalcitrant compound removal L21_Anaerobic oxidation + Recalcitrant compound removal.pdf
22 Practical applications of biological treatment L22_Practical applications of biological treatment.pdf
23 Removal of residual particulate and dissolved constituents L23_Removal of residual particulate and dissolved constituents.pdf
24 Current and future issues L24_Current and future issues.pdf