Chemical and Biological Engineering

Chemical industry is a key national industry and produces diverse products closely related to food, clothing, and shelter of human society and also is basic industry that provides necessary raw materials to all industries. Therefore, industrial development of one nation starts from chemistry industry and Korean industrial development also started from chemistry industry after Korean War and has grown to the level of developed country. Current chemistry industry has traditional chemical field such as refinery, petrochemical, organic synthesis, and process design and automation, and at the same time occupies an important position to have advanced fields such as bio chemical engineering, DNA engineering, high molecule materials and processing, processing of semiconductor and electronic materials, electrical chemistry, new materials industry, use of solar energy, and development of environment friendly clean technology.

In this deparment, we have basic courses such as process thermal dynamics, reaction engineering, and thermal and material transmission in order for students to exhibit their best ability in these fields and we also have application courses such as separation process, computer use for chemical engineering, process control, electrical chemistry, molecule bio engineering, design of chemical plants, guideline of catalytic agents, high molecule engineering, and environment engineering technology. Besides, we are emphasizing taking courses of practical testing, chemical industry management, and seminar. In graduate course, we are focusing on educational purpose of training leaders combined with broad viewpoints and human nature through carrying out research of deepened field and experiments in parallel.

In this department, we have two research institutes: institute of chemical processes and institute of ultra fine elements technology, as well as 10 venture companies in which our department professors are involved and also several additional large scale research tasks supported by the government are now underway. We are contributing to society directly through application of our academic achievements within the university to actual domestic industries.

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering provides challenge and opportunity for the future to train talented manpower equipped with international competitiveness and exerts our efforts for realization of convenient, healthy, and pleasant future for human beings.