Architecture and Architectural Engineering

The department educates students based on the fact that "architecture is dwelling and experiencing places as well as common property of people daily life and also is public existence that comprises cities". By educating architects who value this fundamental concept, we try to realize common value of human beings through intellectual research and excellent imagination on man and society, city and context, structure and properties, and tradition and technology.

Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering is divided into Architecture Major and Architectural Engineering Major from 2002. Architecture Major is 5 years course of professional diploma and its goal is to educate architects. Architectural Engineering Major is engineer diploma course and its goal is to educate architectural engineers with strong technical knowledges.
Architecture Course is arranged for students finishing the course to obtain the following specific ability and understanding based on academic and professional education system.

- Nurture high level of ability to solve practical problems.
- Understand about artistic value and cultural diversity of buildings.
- Nurture adjusting ability between professional fields such as city, landscape architecture, and indoor architecture.
- Cultivate ethics of architects that recognize and carry out social responsibility.
- Understand about traditions of regional architecture for the succession and protection.
- Nurture communication ability for the exchange of international cooperation.

Architectural Engineering Course has the purpose of educating high quality manpower that can be main group for the reform and continuing development of construction industry, which is one of the nation staple industries. This will be realized through well-balanced education between knowledge of basic science and professional knowledge of construction engineering.
- Not only produce skill/technology manpower through simple vocational education but also leaders of   construction sites and corporations equipped with broad technical knowledge and managerial minds.
- Cultivate global leaders of construction industry equipped with fundamental knowledge and international sense required in knowledge-based society.
- Cultivate research and technical capability to heighten the status of technology and academic level of Korean construction industry in the world.