Energy Resources Engineering

Energy resources such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas, and mineral resources such as iron, copper, and uranium, are all necessities for economic development. However, because of limited resources, many countries are working toward stable, secure procurement of these resources. With the development of China and India in the 21st century, the demand for these energy and mineral resources has abruptly increased. Because the entire world is concerned about this matter, it is now crucial to secure the technology necessary to lead energy resource development and foster talent in this global community in order to manage a complex supply and demand strategy. The department tries to lead the industry by overcoming the lack of supply and the environmental problems arising from resource consumption.

The Energy Resources Engineering curriculum concentrates on the following in order to meet the future demands of society: fossil fuels, renewable energy, exploration and development of mineral resources, resource storage, recycling, and distribution, economic policies regarding energy, and other areas of environmental change.