Environmental Engineering


c_lecno Title files
00 Syllabus Syllabus.pdf
01 Introduction L01_Introduction.pdf
02 Basic chemistry concepts I and Solution L02_Basic chemistry concepts I and Solution.pdf
03 Basic chemistry concepts II and Solution L03_Basic chemistry concepts II and Solution.pdf
04 Basic biology concepts L04_Basic biology concepts.pdf
05 Mass balance+Reactors I and Solution L05_Mass balance+Reactors I and Solution.pdf
06 Reactors II & Solution L06_Reactors II & Solution.pdf
07 Ecosystem L07_Ecosystem.pdf
08 Risk Perception, Assessment and Management I L08_Risk Perception, Assessment and Management I.pdf
09 Risk Perception, Assessment and Management II and Solution L09_Risk Perception, Assessment and Management II and Solution.pdf
10 Hydrology I and Solution L10_Hydrology I and Solution.pdf
11 Hydrology II and Solution L11_Hydrology II and Solution.pdf
12 Water quality I and Solution L12_Water quality I and Solution.pdf
13 Water quality II L13_Water quality II.pdf
14 Water treatment I and Solution L14_Water treatment I and Solution.pdf
15 Water treatment II L15_Water treatment II.pdf
16 Wastewater treatment I L16_Wastewater treatment I.pdf
17 Wastewater treatment II and Solution L17_Wastewater treatment II and Solution.pdf
18 Air pollution I and Solution L18_Air pollution I and Solution.pdf
19 Air pollution II L19_Air pollution II.pdf
20 Air pollution III and Solution L20_Air pollution III and Solution.pdf
21 Solid waste management L21_Solid waste management.pdf
22 Hazardous waste management L22_Hazardous waste management.pdf
23 Noise pollution and Solution L23_Noise pollution and Solution.pdf
24 Current issues and future perspectives L24_Current issues and future perspectives.pdf