Biological Processes in Environmental Engineering


c_lecno Title files
00 Syllabus Syllabus.pdf
01 L01_Introduction L01_Introduction.pdf
02 L02_Basics of microbiology L02_Basics of microbiology.pdf
03-1 L03-1_Enzyme reactivity and inhibition L03-1_Enzyme reactivity and inhibition.pdf
03-2 L03-2_Enzyme reactivity and inhibition_supplementary note L03-2_Enzyme reactivity and inhibition_supplementary note.pdf
04 L04_Stoichiometry I L04_Stoichiometry I.pdf
05 L05_Stoichiometry II L05_Stoichiometry II.pdf
06 L06_Stoichiometry_examples L06_Stoichiometry_examples.pdf
07-1 L07-1_Bacterial energetics L07-1_Bacterial energetics.pdf
07-2 L07-2_Bacterial energetics_example question solutions L07-2_Bacterial energetics_example question solutions.pdf
08 L08_Microbial kinetics L08_Microbial kinetics.pdf
09-1 L09-1_Reactors I L09-1_Reactors I.pdf
09-2 L09-2_Reactors I_supplementary note L09-2_Reactors I_supplementary note.pdf
10 L10-1_Reactors II L10-1_Reactors II.pdf
10-2 L10-2_Reactors II_supplementary note L10-2_Reactors II_supplementary note.pdf
11-1 L11-1_Microbial kinetics in reactors I L11-1_Microbial kinetics in reactors I.pdf
11-2 L11-2_Microbial kinetics in reactors I_supplementary note L11-2_Microbial kinetics in reactors I_supplementary note.pdf
12 L12_Microbial kinetics in reactors II L12_Microbial kinetics in reactors II.pdf
13-1 L13-1_Microbial kinetics in reactors III L13-1_Microbial kinetics in reactors III.pdf
13-2 L13-2_Microbial kinetics in reactors III_supplementary note L13-2_Microbial kinetics in reactors III_supplementary note.pdf
14-15 L14-15_Wastewater treatment overview L14-15_Wastewater treatment overview.pdf
16-17 L16-17_Biological wastewater treatment L16-17_Biological wastewater treatment.pdf
18 L18_Practical applications of biological treatment L18_Practical applications of biological treatment.pdf
19 L19_Sludge treatment+anaerobic process+MFC L19_Sludge treatment+anaerobic process+MFC.pdf
20 L20_Toxic & recalcitrant compound removal L20_Toxic & recalcitrant compound removal.pdf